Mark de Rijke new Managing Director of Aetos

Aetos is constantly exploring how to best serve its customers while achieving growth. To intensify these efforts and build out the platform, Mark de Rijke has been appointed as of August 1 as Managing Director of Aetos. Aetos includes CMIS Operations, mortgage servicing company Adaxio, Fenerantis B.V. with the Merius Hypotheken label and CMIS Franchise, which includes De Hypotheekshop, Huis & Hypotheek and Hypokeur. In his new role, De Rijke will lead the operations of Aetos. He will develop and implement commercial strategies to further optimize synergy between the different parts of the organization. He will also establish new contacts and excel the servicing of current and new clientele with innovative products. De Rijke has spent the last four years as Director of CMIS Franchise. He has been with the organization since June 1, 2012 and has been working in the industry since 1994.

Director largest franchise organization in mortgage advice

Marisa Lodewijks will replace De Rijke as Director of CMIS Franchise. There will be a transition period of one month until September 1, in order to ensure a smooth transition between De Rijke and Lodewijks. Lodewijks’ thriving career in the financial advice world, is evidenced by her place in the AM top 100 most important women in the Dutch mortgage and insurance industry. For the last three years Lodewijks was active as Commercial Director of CMIS Franchise. She has been with the organization since May 1, 2015. In her new role, Lodewijks is the first female Director of the largest franchise organization in mortgage advice in the Netherlands.

Profiling CMIS Franchise

Frank Blokker will replace Lodewijks as Commercial Director of CMIS Franchise. With his substantive knowledge, Blokker will, among other things, contribute to the profiling of CMIS Franchise’s mortgage advice formulas. Since 1 September 2019 Blokker has been active as formula manager of advice chain Huis & Hypotheek.

By filling in the positions with professionals from its own ranks with extensive experience and a proven track record, Aetos is safeguarding the continuity of the organization and the financial services provider is committed to further growth in product portfolio and market share.

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