The Remuneration policy of CMIS Group

The remuneration policy of Credit Management & Investor Solutions B.V. (CMIS Group) is designed to support our purpose and ambition, business strategy, objectives, values and long-term interests, and to attract, motivate and retain highly qualified employees. Now and in the future.

Duty of care

Our controlled remuneration policy also contributes to a remuneration that encourages the customer to be treated with care and that our duty of care is fulfilled. It aims to maintain a sustainable balance between short and long-term value creation and builds long-term responsibility towards customers, society, and other stakeholders.

Code of conduct

Financial institutions are subject to many guidelines with respect to remuneration. CMIS Group commits to a responsible remuneration policy that complies with law and regulation (including international directives and guidelines) and which is in line with the CMIS Group Code of Conduct, while considering the interests of all our stakeholders.

Equality policy

Equality is considered as very important. The remuneration packages are in accordance with the equality principles and the authorities, tasks, expertise, and responsibilities per job role. The Human Resources department of CMIS Group regularly benchmarks the remuneration package. The works council and the remuneration committee (which consists of the HR Director, Chief Risk Officer and Chief Legal Officer) evaluate and approve proposed changes to the remuneration policy.


In 2022 one employee has been eligible for a remuneration of EUR 1 million or more. This employee worked for Credit Management & Investor Solutions B.V.

Our employees receive a fixed salary, and, for certain functions, an additional variable component is rewarded. The total variable reward amount paid in 2022 amounts to EUR 30,000,-.