Investment Solutions

Within CMIS Group, the Investment Solutions division is responsible for the investment platform in Dutch residential mortgages, our mortgage lender activities, Business Development and Sales.

What does Investment Solutions do?

Investment Solutions, a special division within CMIS Group, offers (institutional) investors direct access to tailored investment solutions in the attractive Dutch mortgage market.

We present solutions for managing and servicing multi-asset class residential mortgages. CMIS Group has been in the market as a multi-asset class servicer for almost two decades and has a proven track record in financial services with over €6 billion in European assets.

Merius Investor Platform

With the launch of Merius Mortgages in 2016, CMIS Group introduced a new plug-and-play proposition with a highly digitized mortgage underwriting platform. Because of the strong digital nature of our application process, we are also able to provide our investors with fast and accurate portfolio reporting. This multi-asset class and multi-investor proposition is encapsulated in the Merius Investor Platform. More than 20 large, European institutional investors, mainly pension funds, insurance companies and asset managers, are already connected to the Merius Investor Platform.


Investment Solutions is subsequently responsible for the interest rate setting of Merius Hypotheken, for (compliance with) the product conditions and for the weekly reporting on the portfolio of the investors involved. Hereby we pay attention to market developments, trends in the Dutch housing market and we look at developments in the capital market. With all this knowledge and our years of experience, we position Merius Hypotheken in the market in the best possible way.

Our Marketing and Communications Department then positions itself to target the most important households in the Netherlands and communicates with independent mortgage advisors.

Our Investment Solutions-team