CMIS Group & ESG

As a financial services company, we endeavor to meet the wants and needs of all our customers – consumers, mortgage brokers and investors alike. We also strive to consistently contribute to important environmental, (good) governance, human & social issues in a positive way. That is why CMIS Group has established an ESG policy.

Our ESG Policy

CMIS Group recognizes that there are major challenges in this world. We are already working hard, like other financial service providers, to strengthen trust in the financial markets. We have therefore embedded these responsibilities in specific ESG (Environmental, Social & Good Governance) policies. Not only to do our part in improving sustainability and, better serve our community, but also to motivate our employees, clients, investors and suppliers to do the same.

Our sustainability goals

A dedicated team within CMIS Group – consisting of employees from various departments and divisions – has established sustainability goals. With these, we are now focusing on topics where we can make an impact – at regional, national and international levels. In doing so, we were inspired by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In particular, the goals Good Health & Wellebeing (Goal 3), Affordable and Clean Energy (Goal 7), Sustainable Cities and Communities (Goal 11), Responsible Consumption & Production (Goal 12) and Climate Action (Goal 13).

For example, we are committed to reducing energy, water use, waste and our CO2 emissions within our offices – and where possible outside them. We work with partners who help us achieve these environmental improvements.

Our people

We believe that diversity and inclusiveness are important when hiring and training people; after all, a workplace where everyone feels at home and welcome, is a catalyst for success and innovation. The well-being of our employees is therefore very important to us – especially under current circumstances when most all of us have to work from home.

The involvement and commitment of our employees are also crucial when it comes to implementing our ESG goals. Therefore, through our ESG program, we also encourage employees to contribute their (and our) time, talent and resources to good causes (such as NL Doet and Nederland Schoon), both in their own neighborhoods and elsewhere.

PRI of the UN

In addition to the concrete sustainability goals we have established, we also promote the United Nations Principles of Responsible Investments. These principles were established to support investors and stakeholders in the financial sector in their intention to include ESG objectives in their strategy and business decisions. CMIS Group therefore complies with these principles. We invest and manage responsibly and act within the letter and the spirit of the law. In addition, as endorsed in our ESG objectives, we recognize the (potential) impact we have as a company on the environment, society, climate change and our employees.

CMIS Group reports each year what actions, activities and steps we have taken on ESG and what progress we have made.