Frequently asked questions

We understand if you have some questions for us. Therefore we have listed the most asked questions for you, in order to be able to answer them as clearly as possible. If your question is not listed here, you can also contact us.

About CMIS Group

CMIS Group (Credit Management & Investor Solutions BV) is a Dutch financial services company that brings consumers and investors together in the Dutch mortgage market. With our various divisions we serve the entire mortgage chain. More information about CMIS Group can be found here.
CMIS Group was formed in 2010 after the merger of a number of service providers that had been active in the mortgage industry for decades. Since then, the company has grown tremendously.
CMIS Group's headquarter is in Amsterdam and we also have offices in Rotterdam and Wiesbaden (Germany).
CMIS Group is active in the mortgage market with De Hypotheekshop, Huis & Hypotheek and Hypokeur. Its subsidiary Adaxio offers solutions for the assessment and management of multi-asset classes. In addition, CMIS Group has its own mortgage providers: Merius Hypotheken and Selectief Hypotheken.
CMIS Group is keen to contribute in a positive way to important environmental, human & social and governance issues. Therefore, CMIS Group has established a clear and sustainable ESG policy. More information about our ESG policy and sustainability objectives can be found here.
You can contact CMIS Group via this page.