What is Adaxio?

Adaxio is an independent subsidiary of CMIS Group, dedicated to underwriting mortgages as well as reporting on them to internal and external stakeholders. Due to our years of experience and special position in the mortgage market, we can offer unique solutions for the entire mortgage process.

Our services


About Adaxio

Adaxio is an experienced mortgage servicer that offers a broad and flexible range of high-quality services in the mortgage market. We do this with professionalism, entrepreneurship and always with the customer in mind.

Adaxio offers services and activities for the entire life cycle mortgage process, from acceptance through (special) management to reporting to all stakeholders. This enables us to unburden our internal and external customers, so they can focus on better managing their mortgage portfolio and increasing their returns.


  • has extensive experience in servicing mortgage portfolios;
  • offers services and activities for all aspects of the mortgage process;
  • can take over the entire mortgage process or part of it;
  • offers customization;
  • Adaxio can take over all or part of claims in certain cases.

Our mortgage services

  • Origination & underwriting

  • Primary servicing

  • Special servicing

  • Master Servicing