Easy access to the Dutch Mortgage Market

CMIS Group

We provide simple access to your funding needs, now and in the future. 

Credit Management & Investor Solutions B.V. (CMIS Group) provides investors direct access to tailor-made investment solutions in the attractive Dutch mortgage and consumer loan market.

CMIS Group offers solutions for both the German & Dutch markets for managing and servicing multi-asset classes such as Residential Mortgages, Consumer Loans, Commercial Real Estate Loans, and Commercial Real Estate.

In the Netherlands, CMIS Group offers a unique integrated value chain solution. The range of activities we deliver includes distribution, origination, underwriting, (special) servicing of different assets through their entire loan life cycle, portfolio management, and excellent reporting services to investors (master servicing).

Being around in the market for almost two decades, multi-asset class servicer CMIS Group has a proven record in the financial services industry servicing more than € 6 billion of European assets.

With the launch of Merius in 2016, CMIS Group introduced a new plug and play proposition with a highly digitized mid-office underwriting platform for mortgages and consumer loans, offering straight-through processing for borrowers in the application process.

With its (franchise) distribution brands De Hypotheekshop, Huis & Hypotheek and Hypokeur and their network of 250 intermediary outlets and more than 600 independent financial advisors (IFAs), CMIS Group has a market leading independent distribution network in the Netherlands.

CMIS Group is rated by FitchRatings as Master Servicer MS2+, for Primary Servicing RPS2, Special Servicing RSS2+, Master Servicing RMS2+ and is ISAE 3402 II compliant.

The company employs over 150 employees in The Netherlands and Germany (Adaxio AMC GmbH).

August 2018

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