Invest in Dutch mortgages

The Dutch residential mortgage market offers an attractive investment climate for investors. In order to give them access to the mortgage industry in the Netherlands, CMIS Group has established the Merius Investment Platform.

Merius Investor Platform

The Merius Investor Platform allows multiple investors to invest simultaneously in our defined risk categories in a simple and transparent manner. In this way, we have already raised EUR 6 billion from European institutional investment companies. This funding benefits households in the Netherlands who would like a Merius Mortgage to finance their home.

Primary, Special & Master servicer

CMIS Group acts as Primary, Specials & Master servicer for the mortgages issued under the name Merius Hypotheken. These services take place in-house and are carried out by our mortgage servicer Adaxio.

Whereas Investment Solutions is responsible for, among other things, the preparation of and compliance with our Mortgage Guides, Adaxio’s underwriters ensure that mortgage applications comply with the rules, conditions and requirements contained therein.

After mortgages have been approved, Adaxio takes them into administration. We collect the monthly instalments and ensure that they are transferred to the right investors as soon as possible. Each month they also receive an extensive report on the performance of their portfolio.