Avoiding a funding gap

After the financial crisis, various institutions, including the Dutch Central Bank, were alarmed about the ‘funding gap’ for Dutch residential mortgages. The demand for mortgages is still very high and banks alone cannot meet it. This created a large gap between supply and demand for mortgage financing. CMIS Group is playing an active role in the Netherlands to successfully close this funding gap.

Supply and demand

CMIS Group recognized the increasing demand for Dutch mortgages; a demand that the major banks alone could not meet. In addition, we noticed that investors were looking for alternative investment opportunities, where a guaranteed return over the long term could be achieved. CMIS Group matched supply and demand and established several investment propositions, focused on the attractive Dutch mortgage market.

Merius Investor Platform

With the Merius Investor Platform we offer large institutional investors, mostly insurers, pension funds and asset managers, the opportunity to invest in new Dutch residential mortgages. We have already originated more than EUR 6 billion from investors in Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and other countries. In the past four years, we have thus helped almost 20,000 Dutch homeowners to obtain a Merius Hypotheek.