Work at CMIS Group

Learning & Development

Creating continuous value for our clients, that drives us. Project-oriented we use our passion to convert challenging business cases to SMART Solutions. You will soon get involved in it, because we believe in the value chains of the entire organisation. From the Department of Finance to our daily operation. We therefore train everyone in the field of Lean & Six Sigma and Agile Project Management via SCRUM. 

Lean & mean
We believe in lean, so we can tweak the value chain to the wishes of our client. You understand that and we'll help you to acquire several Lean certifications to your liking. Thus we have our own Yellow Belt program and work with a reputable training institute for the Green and Black Belt programs. For those diehard project managers, we provide an annual Project Management Office. Here you will be trained in the arts of strategy planning, SCRUM, big data analyses and more.

Talent development
The world in which we operate is complex and dynamic. Legislation changes, new technologies are advancing. As an employer we want to lead. We are therefore keen to invest in you so that you too keep ahead of the future. Of course in your specific field of specialization. We share the developments each quarter on a staff reunion. Each discipline will present how they work and what unique value they deliver every day.

As a financial service provider, we think your Wft competence is very important. To achieve and maintain this we offer online tooling and classroom sessions every quarter.

Internal mobility
Your freedom comes first in our organization. This includes responsibility and is not for everyone. Once you find your way into it your developing possibilities are endless.