Primary servicing

From the moment a mortgage offer is accepted by Adaxio, the staff of Primary servicing takes over. This department manages the processes of all mortgages managed by us, such as mutations, requests from customers, notaries and intermediaries.

Mortgage management

Our Primary Servicing (Back Office) department within Adaxio focuses on the customer services that fit the life cycle of (mortgage) loans. This team also works to a high quality standard: FitchRatings has rated our Primary Servicing with RPS2.

Important processes and services

Some of the key processes and services that our Back Office people perform are:

  • sending notary instructions and checking mortgage deeds
  • direct debit
  • daily cash management of mortgages
  • payments from the building deposit
  • loan movements
  • interest rate revisions
  • redemptions
  • document management

Our underlying teams

The Back Office team can again be divided into the teams:

  • customer service: this team is the first point of contact for customers, notaries and intermediaries if they have questions about or requests for mortgages;
  • fraud and complaints handling: these employees check all current mortgages for cases of fraud and handle complaints about our services and products;
  • quality control: ensures that our processes are carried out in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions and the applicable laws and regulations.