Adaxio’s Acceptance department, Mid Office, is responsible for the acceptance process of any mortgage label we service, including our own Merius Hypotheken. From the application to the interest rate proposal, normally under 15 minutes, to the highly automated assessment of documents resulting in a binding offer: Adaxio is in control and ensures applications meet our lender terms and conditions.

Automated processes

Throughout the application process, we have automated and continue to digitize our processes wherever possible, in order to provide efficient and effective response times to our end customers. The (final) assessment of applications is carried out by our experienced underwriters.

Acceptance conditions

When assessing applications, we pay attention to whether the application and/or the applicants meet our acceptance conditions in the areas of:

  • identity: KYC process, copy of passport
  • loan to income: income test, employer’s statement, income statement for self-employed persons
  • loan to value: market value of collateral: validated valuation report
  • fraud check: BKR, SFH, VIS, check on signature