Our mortgage brand

CMIS Group is proud of its own mortgage label Merius Hypotheken. Merius Hypotheken is offered by more than 2700 independent advisory firms in the Netherlands.

What is Merius Hypotheken?

Clear and predictable. That’s who we are. You can see this in our communication, services and product range. It forms our DNA and gives direction to all our activities.

In 2016 we wondered if the cooperation between lender, financial advisor and consumer could be better and more efficient. (Future) Homeowners wanted to know as quickly as possible what they could borrow to buy their dream home – and that is still the case. Unfortunately, around 2014, applying for a mortgage turned out to be a complicated process that sometimes took a long time.

We also realised that the demand for mortgages was too high for banks alone. More funding was needed to ensure that (future) Dutch homeowners could get a good and reliable mortgage. And that need has only grown today.

Merius Hypotheken, since 2016

We came up with the solution and launched Merius Hypotheken in September 2016. We distinguished ourselves from other mortgage providers with a fully automated underwriting process. Because we work with clear frameworks, we quickly see if a customer is a match for Merius Mortgages. This allows us to offer speed, clarity and predictability for the customer and the advisor and we can issue an interest rate proposal within three hours (!).


Through the Merius Investment Platform, we offer large institutional investors, mostly insurers, pension funds and asset managers, the opportunity to invest in new Dutch residential mortgages. We have already raised more than EUR 6 billion from investors in Belgium, France, Italy, Spain and Germany, among others. In the past four years, we have thus helped nearly 20,000 Dutch homeowners to obtain a mortgage.