Adaxio NL

Adaxio provides clients with the following services: Primary servicing - Mid Office - Special servicing - Auction services - Master servicing - Back-up servicing - Support of purchasing portfolios. Adaxio offers servicing solutions for a various number of clients in the Dutch mortgage market. Click here to view the website.

Adaxio AMC GmbH

Adaxio AMC GmbH is an independent subsidiary of CMIS Group. Adaxio AMC GmbH is a German mortgage servicer with approximately € 2 billion euros of assets under management (E-MAC DE & Helios DE), and specialises in special servicing activities. Adaxio AMC GmbH services offers securitized and unsecuritized mortgage portfolios, and focuses on reducing arrears of borrowers (these are all special servicing activities including auction services). Click here to view the website.