What we do

 Our services in The Netherlands and Germany supports the full value chain of a loan and includes distribution and underwriting of mortgages and consumer loans, primary servicing, portfolio management and servicing of non-performing loans.

 Our strategy

We strive to be the best and smartest multi asset servicer in The Netherlands, Germany (Adaxio) and beyond. Therefore, we always adapt the newest trends and innovations. Or create them ourselves. It’s part of our unique Wing-2-Wing proposition.
Meaning that we have the full mortgage value chain in house.
Which offers a nice ROI opportunity for investors, and a one stop shopping possibility.  

     Our CMIS Group Value Chain


What we offer:

In a nutshell

CMIS Group originates, underwrites, funds and services all loans through the entire lifecycle of the loan. Our broad financial platform supports your needs on every level.
We offer the full multi asset value chain including: Residential Mortgages, Consumers Loans, Commercial Real Estate Loans and Commercial Real Estate. 

We have everything in-house to be successful

We are a servicer (Adaxio),
We have a distribution network with Independent Financial Advisors (De Hypotheekshop, Huis & Hypotheek, Welke Financiele Diensten and Hypokeur).
We continuously develop new business initiatives with a clear focus on innovation and add value. For example, consumer loans and real estate servicing (BRIX).

All are approached with the same set of values


This results in

Innovative products and servicing solutions.
Distribution network with more than 285 independent Advisors.
Fitch ratings for Primary Servicing RPS2, Special Servicing RSS2, Master Servicing RMS2 and ISAE 3402 type.